Here are comments from some of our patients:

Great experience. Very happy with the results. Wish I did it sooner. Thank you, Dr. Lane. - W.T., CT, 2014


Dr. Lane and his staff did a wonderful job at making my Smartlipo process a success. Dr. Lane was very thorough during the consultation. I was able to have my procedure done shortly after the consultation. The procedure went well and I was very comfortable. After only a few weeks I was able to see dramatic results. After two weeks I was in a bikini for the first time in years. - T.R., CT, 2013


I had a better experience than I could've ever hoped for with CT CosMedic. The staff is very nice and helpful; they also made me feel very comfortable. The procedure was not bad, there were only a few times where I experienced minor pain. Almost 6 months later my body is much improved. I feel so much more confident and accepting myself. - S.S., CT, 2013


My experience with the Smartlipo was amazing. It was painless, professional, and I am already seeing reults 3 weeks after surgery. Dr. Lane and his assistants have a great bedside manner. I always knew what they were doing during the procedure and he made pre-op and post-op instructions very clear, which I think helped make the experience more smooth. I would highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Lane to anyone of my friends. Thank you, Dr. Lane! - J.D., CT, 2013


My experience with CT CosMedic was professional. This was the 2nd time I received Smartlipo and loved ther results. Dr. Lane's bedside manner was very professional and caring. The price was right and Dr. Lane and his staff gave me a ride to a local hotel for recovery. I would recommend CT Cosmedic to anyone looking for long lasting results. - D.V., CT

The experience was wonderful. I had Smartlipo on my abdomen, love handles, and upper back. I continue to see a difference. I feel great, and it makes me feel so much better about myself. I had the procedure done and was back to work the next day. I even attended a party the same night. The staff was great and made me very comfortable. I would definitely do it again and would recommend it to anyone thinking about it. – J.G., CT

Thank you so much for all that you have done - you are THE BEST! - C.E., CT

Dr. Lane, Kathy, and staff were fantastic! They were very comforting and professional. My results were absolutely phenomenal with practically no down time. I had my upper, lower abdomen and love handles done with the Smartlipo. This was without question the best thing I have ever done for myself. Dr. Lane gave me my confidence and my waist back. I strongly encourage anyone that has considered Smartlipo to go for it. Thank you so much! - "Skinny B" - CT

Smartlipo should be wow-lipo! The down time was minimal and I love the results. My confidence is soaring and I'm actually looking forward to bathing suit season. I am setting up new goals for the "new and improved" me...I want to point out that the success of Smartlipo is also due to the staff at CT CosMedic in East Lyme. Dr. Lane and his staff are great. Dr. Lane and Kathy are very professional and were more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that I had. They explained all procedures so that I understood exactly what was going to happen. As I returned for post-op visits, they were as excited as I was regarding the great results. I will definitely refer friends and relatives to CT CosMedic. - A.P., CT

Dr. Lane and Kathy made my entire experience wonderful. I was entirely comfortable throughout the procedure, and after Kathy helped me with my garment and insured I had all instructions for post-op care. The next day I was up and around feeling great with just a bit of tenderness. I saw results immediately in some areas and look forward to more improvement. Highly recommend CT CosMedic! - Vivian, CT

13 years ago I had traditional liposuction. It was extremely painful. I had general anesthesia. I was severely bruised almost 3 months, and in pain. My skin was also loose. I tried Smartlipo two weeks ago – it was so easy. I was comfortable with just local anesthesia. It was a short process, and I felt great – no pain, no bruising, just felt like a good workout. I look and feel great! The office was a very comfortable, non-medical type environment. The whole experience was relaxing and non-stressful. - Susanne, NY

It was a very positive experience. Everyone was lovely and calm and it was so great not to be under a general (anesthesia). After a couple of shots, I felt nothing. I was very comfortable on the table with a heating pad and very soft blanket. We all talked and had fun and then it was over. The first couple of days the drainage was a little messy, but that soon passed. I have scheduled two more procedures and can’t wait to see my new body. It’s very exciting and I’m very pleased! - Lucille, CT

The entire experience was a pleasure. The staff makes you feel at home and is very helpful. The procedure is low pain and very little bruising occurred. The follow-up procedures – wearing the garment, food and drink restrictions – are all minimal and comfortable. I’m so pleased with the initial results and am glad that I did the procedure. I would recommend it to anyone. - Susan, CT

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Lane. I have seen vast improvements in my body shape and continue to see changes six months out. I had abs, love handles, upper back, and chin and neck done and I am very pleased. I would highly recommend Dr. Lane to anyone considering Smartlipo! -Sarah, CT

Ct CosMedic made me feel very comfortable. I couldn’t believe that it was over so quickly. I just felt like it was time to take a nap and to wake up thinner. Everyone was very accommodating to my needs and made me feel like I was at a spa, not a doctor’s office. -Marissa, CT

I am amazed at the results of Smartlipo. Not only do I look better physically, but also my whole attitude has changed. I used to be so unhappy with my problem areas that it spilled over into other parts of my life. Smartlipo gave me self-confidence that is evident in my day-to-day life. - Kelly, CT

I am a 31-year-old woman in the entertainment industry. As everyone knows, this is a tough industry to be in when there is always someone younger and thinner than you! I work out regularly, and no matter how much dieting and working out I did, I couldn’t lose that special pad of fat behind my knees, in the “saddle bags”, and in the “banana rolls” (which by the way I had no Idea what the name was for this particular area I had been growing to hate so much!) Finally, after four years of giving my all to one company, they told me I needed to lose more weight or they couldn’t offer me another contract! I was mortified and I worked my butt off for 6 months, losing 30 pounds, and still found my eyes being drawn to my legs! Finally, my boss called, and being so proud of my losing the weight asked me to sing at a “red carpet” event. He told me to step the fitness up a notch. So now, feeling at a loss for what else to possibly do, I started looking online for the answers when I came across Smartlipo. I had always said I would never get lipo! It is much too invasive. Then I came across a word I had never heard of before , “Smartlipo”, like the gods singing from above. I immediately looked for offices close to me who could do the procedure. I found Dr. Lane. The second I walked into the office for a consultation, I met Kathy, who “sold” me right away! She was so sweet and generous in sharing her experiences, that by the time I met Dr. Lane I was all ready to get right on the table! Dr.Lane was wonderful to me, even taking time out of his own schedule to do my procedure so I would have enough time to heal before the “event”. I had my saddlebags, behind my knees, and the banana rolls done, as well as the inside of my thighs and my arms. I am so pleased with the results I wait in excitement to see the finished product! Dr. Lane said it could take up to 5 or 6 months for the body to completely re-elasticize, and I am already seeing amazing results after 1 month! I can’t wait to see him again in 6 months and show him what he has done for me! I also want to come back and have my love handles done…then all would be perfect! - Megan, CT






















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